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What is Depth or Jungian Coaching and why would it help you?
This approach focuses less on pathology and diagnosing and more on strength affirmation and building, which is more positive and more focused on the present and future. The past is addressed as needed with the goal of acceptance, letting go and moving on.

Carl Jung believed that psychological distress is a result of an imbalance within the individual that often is experienced as an alienation from the deeper personality, or what he calls the Self.

Jungian psychotherapy seeks to restore the individual’s connection to the Self. This is encouraged in a relationship with your coach that is balanced. The coach listens and encourages deeper exploration through dream interpretation, energy techniques such as TFT, EMDR, and expressive work through active imagination journaling and exploring archetypes with Tarot. Your true self without the ego interference is what we are looking to explore as we move toward more purpose and contentment and away from negative, addictive, self sabotaging behaviors.

We work on personal empowerment. For example, if you want a job, relationship, or lifestyle that makes you feel more content, grateful and happy, we will explore what is causing resistance to that. Power means you have leverage points in bringing about what you want more of in life. Coaching helps you to recognize the strengths that you can use and helps you to see how they can bring you more of what you want.

Here are some things we will explore in deep coaching sessions:

1. Do you know what you want? Not what you should want. Get in touch with your emotions which will help you know what comforts you and what doesn’t. We will work together to listen to your emotions and intuition.

2. Stop resisting your path to power. Why do you resist? Fear? What is under your resistance? Look at your shadow. This is the part of you that was put aside due to some type of trauma. The part that may be trying to protect with resistance. Look at the deeper motivation and remove the resistance.

We will work together to reintegrate the lost parts and help you find and regain purpose and power. Stop any cycle that is dysfunctional by understanding where your resistance is. It is a wonderful journey. I invite you to join me.