Email and Text Agreement

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Email and Texting Risk Disclosure

Regarding Email

Your therapist’s email service is through Google.

Regarding Texting

Text messages are often sent using the Internet, even though they are usually a part of one’s phone service. Are you familiar with the risks of texts being viewed by various engineers, administrators, and bad actors as it passes through the Internet? Are you aware that text messages wait on phone company computers until they are retrieved, and may remain there indefinitely? Can you imagine any negative consequences if engineers, administrators, or law enforcement personnel viewed these stored texts from or to your therapist?

Think about where you read and write text messages, and what devices you do that on. Think about who can see you reading and writing texts in these places, and who can access the devices you use to read and write texts. Would there be any negative consequences to any of those people reading or glancing at texts exchanged with your therapist? Are there certain kinds of text contents that you would feel safe letting these people see and other kinds of contents you would not feel safe letting them see?

Let your therapist know the answers to these questions if you wish to use texting with him or her. How quickly do you normally receive replies from others via text? Do you expect replies more quickly than your therapist’s stated response time? Can you see any negative consequences occurring if your therapist does not or cannot reply to a text as quickly as others in your life typically do?

Dr. Pollack uses Access Direct. Messages left on the 888-821-2935 number are texted and voice-mailed to her I-phone with T-Mobile. Please acknowledge by signing below:

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Signed by Jean Pollack
Signed On: October 24, 2023

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