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Do you feel the need to change your life?

Using the ancient wisdom of Stoic philosophy  to own life and my coaching practice has quick and amazing result.

Stoicism is a philosophical approach to self mastery and insight. Although  external events of life are beyond our control we can learn to control our responses to them as we navigate the daily challenges in our life.

If you feel overwhelmed by life’s demands or  wonder how to find peace during chaos, the teachings of Stoicism offers valuable lessons for all of us.

Maybe you don’t like your job or you are in a relationship that is conflictual or unfulfilling. Maybe your health is being negatively affected by your daily distress.

Stoicism can be a turning point in reducing stress, anxiety, depression  while  rebuilding a more meaningful life. I have incorporated these  simple ancient principals of Stoicism into my coaching practice for you.

You can make small changes toward more empowerment, explore your true values and move toward a more authentic life while moving  away from what is not good (or not working ) for you. You will see that you are spending less time and energy on thoughts of the past and fears of the future and more on the present and more attention to how you respond each moment during the day.

The path to a more meaningful life starts with your first step.  I have personally been applying Stoicism philosophy to  my life and can help you to take your next step toward change.  We will use this ancient wisdom to  move toward more happiness and away from pain.

Are you ready for change?  You will receive a personalized plan from me to work at your own pace during our coaching sessions.

Get started today. My coaching includes the ancient wisdom of Stoicism which I balance with many techniques that I have used over the past 35 years as a nurse, professor, psychologist, author and life coach.

‘Life is measured not by the number of breaths but by the moments that take our breathe away’