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We often hear the term “self care” on social media. What does it mean to you? Some people think it means going to the gym or running a certain amount of days per week or eating or eliminating foods from our diet or letting go of toxic relationships from your life.

If we go a little deeper, self care starts with knowing that you are a unique person who deserves to be loved and accepted as you are. Some interesting ways to do that are to converse with yourself as you would with a good friend. Support yourself, encourage yourself, and be grateful each day for the basics.

We may take for granted our sensory experiences such as the ability to see, to smell, to hear, and to touch, and that we are gifted another day of life. Enjoy those gifts each day and give thanks to your body while you are running or at the gym or during yoga or even when you are just being still.

Another practice in self care is asking yourself what makes you feel fulfilled? Start adding more of that into your life. Live more in the present and let go of the negative experiences from the past by diverting those thoughts when they come up and focus on your present gratitude for your life.

Do you find meaning in your work? If so, be grateful and remind yourself of that frequently. If not, how can you move toward more meaning by moving in a direction that brings a sense of enjoyment, accomplishment, and purpose?

Do your relationships feel supportive and compassionate? Do they nurture your best self? Take some time and notice how you feel around the people in your life and how you feel after engagement with them. If you feel worse about yourself, start spending less time with those people and more time with those you laugh with, feel you can be yourself with, feel supported by, and feel compassion with.

Never stop learning about all of your areas of interest and open your mind to reaching out for help in the process of improving your self care. What you think and how you feel is what you will manifest in your world.

I can help you to make a simple plan for improving your “self care” with my coaching services.