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Do you feel burned out or exhausted most days? So many women are now handling work pressures as well as the pressure of having ‘perfect children’ and beautiful home as well as the ‘perfect relationship’. Stop and ask yourself ‘Who am I trying to please and why?’am We need to stop, slow down and ask some fundamental questions. What is the most important value that I have and am I spending time on that daily? For example if your value is love, how much time is being spent on 1:1 time with your loved ones. If your value is beauty or wellness, how much time is being spent on that? What about work? Are we too tired from work to take care of ourselves and our loved ones?

In the 60’s women gained their power to equally compete in the workplace and make choices about lifestyle .Decades  later we have lost our power when we compete to the level of exhaustion and overwork. Even media shows women drinking wine to relax. it’s becoming a way of life for many women.

What is a solution? You can start with small steps toward better sleep, better nutrition, better time management  and better communication of your wants and needs. This can be done by  exploring your deep values,  and then you become aware of your purpose. Instead of being strong, a perfectionist, people pleaser, highly successful and overachiever in all areas of life you take one step a day toward what you value, what you love and before you know it you are feeling more centered, more alive, more satisfied in all areas of your life.

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