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Does your life need balancing? Is exercise part of your life balancing routine? Balance is what I believe is one of the most important things in life. Not extreme exercising or weight loss programs or changes in any area in your life but gradual and enjoyable movement toward balance.

In his book, The 20 Minute Break, Dr. Ernest Rossi tells you how to recognize your natural rhythms so you can avoid stress and learn how to maximize your performance and health.

If you continue to ignore your need to take a break you can experience more and more stress until you actually get sick. Read More… 

This imbalance can be corrected. I help my clients  by coaching them with support and accountability. It isn’t that hard, just a decision you make and then move through small steps toward your goals in each area.

The life wheel represents the  major areas in Life, Health and Exercise being one area.  It is so important to use exercise as part of your life balancing. The more you improve one area of your life you will see a positive overlap in other areas. You will see improvement in all areas of your life when you raise your level of enjoyment in one. Some of the other areas on the wheel are Health, Relationships, Finances, Socialization, and Life Purpose. You can start with a FREE 5 minute session with me at 888-821-2935. Call and schedule a FREE phone session to get started.