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We have control over our brain and, therefore, our life. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way with all of the obstacles and struggles we face throughout our lives.

However, research continues to show that we have control over our brain. Dr. Marian Diamond’s research indicates that the brain can grow as a result of experience. This is powerfully optimistic because this means that change is always possible.

Dr. Diamond’s research also identifies the most important factors for a healthy brain: diet, exercise, challenge, newness, and love, which Dr. Dawson Church discusses in his book, Bliss Brain.

My psychology/life coaching practice focuses on how to live your passionate creative life right now. No more waiting!

You may be asking, “How do I do this while being responsible for myself and others in my life?”

I can teach you simple techniques to practice and in time they become easier and easier. As we work together, your life will become more free, healthy, and in flow with what makes you passionate and happy. For example, so many of us can look at our lives and focus on all of the negatives such as age, marital and financial status, employment, and living at distance from loved ones. Or we can say, “It’s never too late to start a new life!” (That is exactly what I did about three months ago).

According to Dr. Michael Hall, who has studied human potential for over 40 years, “Unpleasant experiences are what usually motivate us to change. These involve mental, emotional or spiritual states. Examples of such states are despair, stagnation, anger or resentment. These are unresourceful states.”

Feelings of stagnation and regression are some of the most powerful tools of the ego to keep you identified with the concept of “me.” -Eckhart Tolle

In my life and like everyone’s all over the world, the COVID pandemic forced changes. For me, I had to get into the sun and move to a warmer climate, which I had been putting off for many many years. Before, I was comfortable but not happy. I am finally living the life I want to in a sunny climate — writing, working with clients, creating a podcast, and balancing my life with love, friendships, and healthy habits.

I want to help you balance your life so that you have time to be spend on your health, your work, on meditating, being with friends and family, and traveling (hopefully soon). Most of all, I want to work with you toward finding peace and contentment, which usually means less need for achieving and acquiring. It’s so freeing to be content and peaceful, and its our natural state of being if we allow it.

Through our sessions, I can help you with the following steps because I have condensed how to create best practices and outcomes over many years of counseling, coaching, and teaching integrative medicine. Some of the things we will achieve together through our work are:

1. Identify the desired state.

2. Counter-condition dysfunctional behavior patterns that maintain the unresourceful state.

3. Activate change toward the desired state.

4. Experience the target state.

5. Condition new behaviors that reinforce the desired state.

I invite you to join me in a counseling or coaching session. Reach out to me today to schedule an appointment. We all deserve to live our best life.