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What Is Balance And Why Is It Important?

Addiction is an example of extreme imbalance. It is ongoing compulsive use or behavior that causes harm to yourself or others. A habit is a less degree of addiction. It is the same phenomenon.

This podcast discussion ‘Change Your Habits, Change Your Life’ held my attention because I see so many clients who are addicted to “being busy” to drinking too much alcohol, excessive sexting, pornography, compulsive shopping, gaming too much,  working too much, iPhone, gaming, gambling, overuse of prescription medications and/or mind altering drugs. Addiction to psychological/physical pain is prevalent and one of the most popular addictions is media addiction.

How do we stop this? The balance between pleasure and pain is regulated by an primitive part of the brain. The brain tries to restore itself to balance or homeostasis. If the pleasure center is out of balance from overstimulation from an activity or substance like chocolate, wine, video games, sex, pain pills etc, stress, we will reach for more pleasure. If we reach for more pleasure, the initial pleasure becomes lessened and the need for more pleasure increases. If not balanced, the pain side will occur in order to balance the stress back to homeostasis.  Learn more from Anne Lembke’s On the Neuroscience of Addiction.

The wealthiest countries in the world have the highest levels of pain because there is an overabundance of pleasure seeking behaviors. Why are people more miserable and suicide rates up? What can be done?

I suggest cutting out feel good substances and regulate your behavior.This can be achieved by accepting feelings that are being masked or numbed. Allowing the feelings and accepting them can bring you toward more homeostasis or balance. Compassion for yourself and getting in touch with your true self can be helped with Deep Life Coaching.