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Learn how to balance your life.

During the night, I awoke to the words “Get laser focused.”

Over the past few months, I have been enjoying the newness, fun, and excitement of a new relationship. But I had allowed my home, exercise routine, psychology and coaching business, daily mail, my sleep and eating habits to be put aside.

By definition the term laser focused means, “Intensely paying attention to a single object, concept, person, or activity to the exclusion of everything else.” How do we keep a delicate balance in our busy, productive, but sometimes hectic lives?

It is important to recognize imbalance quickly. The best way to do this is to remain connected to yourself and how you live each day. This is called living with awareness. Here are a few ways you can achieve it.

• Prepare for comfortable and sound sleep. One of my favorite ways to ready for bed is to have a relaxing lavender Epsom salt bath. Afterward as you rest in your bed, take a few minutes to give gratitude for your life and any moments in the day that you are especially grateful for.

• Keep a note pad at your bedside to jot down thoughts or dreams that come to you during the night or that you remember in the morning once you wake.

• Ask a question to have answered during sleep. Dreams allow for accessibility to parts of the mind that are not accessible though conscious (daily) thought. Dreams can impart meaningful information and facilitate understanding. Your unconscious thoughts (dreams) can be very relevant to daily life.

Laser-focused to me meant deciding to take a week to focus on important life priorities and discuss why I need focus and awareness with the new man in my life. If my life isn’t balanced, my relationship with him, my career, as well as my relationships with others may suffer.

Relationship and Creative Living Life Coaching can help you become more aware of when your life is out of balance and how to regain balance as quickly as possible.

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