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At the beginning of a new relationship, you feel magical.

You and your partner experience intense bonding, passion, and arousal for the first few months. But then, you slowly begin to see the whole person and recognize his or her flaws. This time in the relationship can be challenging but it also can be an opportunity to learn your relationship’s spiritual meaning.

All relationships begin with the relationship you have with yourself which requires balance and self responsibility. These can seem hard to manage but as a coach, I can help you set goals, support you, and make you accountable. Balance also helps you set boundaries to create time for yourself to rejuvenate so you have energy to give others.

Important Points to Ponder

• What traits do you admire in your partner?
• Take responsibility for your side in the relationship. But ask yourself what qualities can you learn with this person?
• Be more open and compassionate but also learn to set boundaries.
• Use this relationship as lessons to learn more about yourself.

Of course, these points are helpful only if your relationship is NOT abusive in any way.

As a relationship coach, I can help you through your current relationship and help you find a way to embrace the opportunity to grow with your current partner. Contact me for a phone, online, or in-person session.

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