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Many people feel conflict around the topic of overeating. Unless addressed in therapy, and most effectively with EMDR therapy, this conflict can continue to spin and remain unresolved because conflict is a tug of war. Treatment for Addictive Eating

For example, while eating do you ever feel shame or negative about your body image? Many times, people argue within themselves when tempted to eat unhealthy foods in excess with rationalizations such as:

  • I deserve to reward myself. 
  • I had a stressful day.
  • It’s genetic. 
  • What does it matter? I’ll never lose the weight anyway. 

At the same time, other parts of you know: 

  • I want to be healthy. 
  • I feel better at a certain weight.
  • I have more energy when I eat healthy and maintain a good weight for my body.

For all of these reasons, overeating goes much deeper than a poor decision to have an afternoon treat or an overeating session; it can be an addiction. According to addiction specialist Gabor Matte, “All addictions have their source in a manifestation of a toxic culture.”

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He suggests that we can draw on our inner capacity to heal wounds and accept and love ourselves.

Also, a recent study done by two psychologists shows that irrational beliefs can be an appropriate target when treating problem eating and food addiction. It found that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective approach in treatment of addictive behaviors and problem eating. Finally, another way to offset the pattern of overeating is mindful eating. This is a way of being present while eating and enjoying the experience of pleasure.

By using each of these methods with a focus on EMDR, I can help resolve the root of what drives you to overeat and establish healthy and long-lasting behavioral patterns around eating. EMDR is such an effective and powerful form of treatment because it focuses so quickly upon healing the deep conflict that has to be resolved before you will be able to consistently make healthier eating choices and establish new behavioral eating patterns. 

I invite you to read my earlier post about helping a female client resolve her conflict about overeating with EMDR.

Make an appointment with me so we can heal your wounds, so that you can enjoy your food and health. I will work with you to become more accepting and loving of yourself.