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Should I Stay or Should I Go?Instead of a New Years Resolution how about making a daily decision to choose more of what you want?

You may be feeling very frustrated in a relationship with another. You are considering whether to stay or leave. This may be related to a  friendship, family member, work associate or partner. You find yourself asking ‘ Is this situation or relationship hurting me or helping me to grow?’

Abraham Maslow a psychologist summarized in his  Hierarchy of Needs that life is a choice every day either to stay in fear or move toward self growth.

As you ponder these important life changes you may ask yourself ‘Am I too______ or too_______?’

Doubting yourself may be accompanied by  racing thoughts. How do you move this  process along and slow down your racing thoughts?  One way  to slow down  those thoughts is  by imaging yourself on a train and seeing the landscape pass by, allowing thoughts and memories to just pass without stopping your thoughts but allow them to pass as you would on a train. As you do this take deep breathes and focus within in the area of your heart for a subtle message. This is a very powerful and useful tool to help you answer the question “should I stay or should I go?

I would like to help you through the process of  self growth. Have you found yourself recently in a situation, relationship or existential crossroad asking yourself ‘Should I stay or should I go now?’ Life is always changing and the more we can learn to accept and change. Every event has something you can learn from. When something bad happens  ask ‘what am i going to do about it now?’ Find the value in the lesson you are going through and you will see daily opportunities for self growth and more happiness.