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These past few months with COVID-19 have been very emotionally taxing and has instilled fear and anxiety in many.

Often, psychologists rely on simple breathing techniques to help clients reduce their fears. But do they work?

The nervous system can actually move out of fear into calm by using simple breathing techniques, which can help you to calm yourself. Why do we want to calm the fear? Fear is not helpful in keeping our immune system strong.

A recent study by Dr. Joseph Dispenza showed that by decreasing your stress (e.g., cortisol levels), you can improve your defense against bacteria and viruses.

What does this mean for you and your loved ones? These are two simple ways to reduce your fear and to increase your immunity. If you take a few minutes a few times a day, this may help you to feel less fearful and helpless during this pandemic.

You may even feel more empowered by these simple things that help to reduce stress and improve immunity.

We should do what we can to keep ourselves healthy so that we can be as strong as possible for our selves and our loved ones. This recent post also noted that oxytocin is a chemical that is released when we feel loved and nurtured. When released, oxytocin can boost your immunity. It is also important to love and nurture yourself and loved ones during a time when our anxiety and fear can cause us to isolate or become irritable and lonely. Small gestures such as  sending a text, making a phone call, or bringing someone a meal can result in them feeling a boost in immunity and create healing for them.

These are three simple things we can do daily, even if we are busy and overwhelmed. I wish you health, healing, and peace.