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Trauma is held within the body. Although trauma can feel deep and overwhelming, there are successful ways to treat trauma and often what is associated anxiety.

Recent neuroscience research shows the best treatment for trauma involves movement. Yoga and breathing are fantastic ways to connect yourself to active healing.

Talk therapy and journaling are  also very effective ways of allowing for compassion and insight into the traumatic event. Some type of movement and inner awareness are essential keys to healing.

Deep feeling comes when you are not talking but being present and aware of your internal world.  When you are aware of and understand your internal feelings you can move through the trauma and anxiety. Once you have established a sense of safety, “you will feel your feelings and emotional sensations.” This is self awareness, where the traumatized parts can then be acknowledged, felt, and integrated.

Some of the best treatments combine yoga, breathing, meditation, movement, EMDR therapy, and TFT or tapping therapy.  Learn more about EMDR on my web site.