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“Empowering Women: Rediscovering Self through the Journey of Dating”

Some women may be fearful or lack motivation to create a profile and go through the sometimes tedious process of texting and talking to potential partners on various dating sites. Sometimes they just aren’t sure how to approach the process.

Many women, of all ages, have found relationships, friendships and even business colleagues through dating sites.
I coach women through the process of creating their ideal profile. We explore some of these questions:

1. How do you know when you are ready?
2. How do you create clarity about what you want in a partner?
3. What are your absolutes? (What you want and what you don’t want (deal breakers)
4. How can we refine your profile?
5. How we can use current dating protocols for the best results when you find someone of interest on the dating site and want to pursue it further.

Its never too late and this process can help you to engage in meaningful connections and provide valuable insights into your own desires, boundaries and aspirations.

When you embrace the journey, regardless of the outcome and realize the importance of self-love throughout the process you can’t lose but only gain a new dimension in life.  I will coach you through your process and help you to enjoy the benefits of dating while empowering yourself and finding your own self growth through our time together.

I offer a free 15 minute phone or tele- session for you to ask questions and/or introduce yourself. www.innovativecounselingservicesinc.com/book-online