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In a recent York Daily Record article, Dr. Pollack spoke about how to stay positive, even with this winter’s many snowstorms.

Here are some tips for coping:

Think positive. Pollack said depressed people tend to think negatively. Even as you acknowledge the financial hardship, try to focus on a more positive aspect, such as that it’s family time.

Stay busy. When you’re cooped up inside, distract yourself with a home project, such as cleaning out a closet. “Find something that will give you that personal sense of satisfaction,” she said. Or do something relaxing, such as reading or listening to music.

Eat healthy and exercise. Pollack recommended sprucing up your diet to enhance your mood. Opt for healthy carbohydrates, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes, and stay away from refined carbohydrates.

Read more tips here. And, keep in mind, that even in hail and snow, online therapy and life coaching are an easy way to take care of yourself from home no matter the weather outside.

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