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There is a new model of late-life development called Age-ing to Sage-ing (Schachter-Shalomi and Miller 1995). This process enables people in their later decades of life to become the most they can be as they complete their purpose.

As we mature and recount our lives i.e. our goals, gifts, struggles and joys we realize how much we have learned and experienced.  Life hopefully becomes less frantic and driven as we move through our last decades. It is the time to reflect and finally our true expression of ourselves.

Life is about living to the fullest spiritually, physically and socially. Your age is affected by your outlook and your ability to accept and move through fears and limitations so that you can complete your life on your terms.

If you have regrets, now is the time to think about how you can fulfill that forgotten wish or dream that was put aside to tend to other responsibilities when you were younger. How can you do this in a way that adapts to your life now?

Did you want to spend more time with someone or travel somewhere or learn something that you were/are  passionate about?

If you have no regrets what about reviewing and giving thanks for what you have learned about life, love, etc and  share your expertise with others in a way that fits into your life now?

Have you experienced romantic love or had negative experiences or held yourself back because of past experiences in relationships? Now is the time to experience more of what makes you happy. Whatever that is.

Have you loved enough? Laughed enough? Given enough? Taken care of yourself enough? Created a legacy for those you will leave behind? It’s not too late!

In the movie Food Club three elderly women learn about their passions, friendships, limitations and fears while traveling in Italy together. Their experiences help them to release fears and conditioning which opens them up to new perspectives and new lives in which they learn and teach each other. They experienced going from Age-ing to Sage-ing.

Depth Coaching focuses on your lifelong development, not your past wounds. It is a way to explore living more consciously by asking and answering deep questions while  discovering what part of life you want to live more fully in your last decades.

My goal as a depth coach is to help you find yourself, get clear about your destination, take your journey and get the results you want. Using my many years of experience as a psychologist, mediator, author, nurse, professor and integrative medicine counselor/life coach I will  help you to create the life you want.

Ready to journey with me? I will assist you by focusing on helping you to unlock and expand your creative thinking and creativity at any age. It’s time!