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  • Unlock Natural Well-Being: Integrative Wellness Coaching

Experience a unique blend of integrative medicine coaching, weaving together diverse psychological interventions and natural healing methods. Discover a path to a healthier life, naturally alleviating anxiety, depression and addressing eating and weight concerns.

My coaching is tailored for those seeking improved well-being, less stress, a simple routine for muscle strengthening, a positive relationship with yourself and others while using natural functional medicine approaches with minimal to no reliance on prescribed medication.

Guided by cutting-edge research by Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. David Sinclair, and Dr William Li,  and my 30 years as a clinical psychologist, my approach focuses on natural healing, optimum health and longevity.  You will be empowered by an emphasis on stoicism philosophy which encourages you how to  skillfully respond to external  daily stressors. You will see yourself as more productive and less emotionally distressed.

I work with people who are by sleep problems related to  multiple daily tasks and family needs, emotional problems and side effects from prescribed medication, illnesses, and chronic pain.

All of these challenges are interconnected and with integrative wellness coaching you will see that when you care for one area, the others start to fall into place. The result is a healthier life, less anxiety, depression, better nutrition, less weight concerns, and a better relationships with yourself and others.

Start your journey with a Complimentary 15 minute consultation. I have compiled the latest research on health, nutrition and prevention of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and relationship communication and have integrated  them into my coaching program.

I will design an approach for your specific situation.

I’ve personally overcome challenges like bulimia, SAD (seasonal depression) and post postpartum depression while shaping my coaching program over many years.  As a testament to its success, I’m medication-free, sleep well and maintain a balanced lifestyle and maintain my healthy weight with an easy doable workout. Join me in embracing intentional, natural living while navigating life’s challenges with resilience. It’s never too late to make changes.

I offer the convenience of tele-sessions.