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A recent study found that calmer people are consistently more successful than those who are stressed out.

On top of the fact stress can set you back in your career, not living mindfully can also negatively impact your health. Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a cardiologist,  has treated women in their 30s and 40s with physical health issues such as heart flutters and chest pain – just from their stress issues. She recently shared in a Huffington Post blog post,

As women, multi-tasking and doing it all, we have allowed our brains to take over and run the show. In many ways, this has been necessary to get us where we are today, but at some point, our brains got a little bit power-happy. We’ve got checklists for our checklists. Our phones and other devices are constantly beeping and dinging and vibrating to remind us that we are continuously consumed with obligations and many of us have the idea that we need to take care of everyone and do everything perfectly.

As a life coach, I have seen the same in my clients, which is why I offer mindfulness therapy for people who are living with chronic stress. MindfuPurple orchid in glass bowllness is one of the best ways to handle daily stress, challenges, and be more organized. Mindfulness techniques will allow you to create a steady pace in your professional life or studies and maintain more balance in your overall life.

Make an appointment with me today to learn more about mindfulness therapy or join our mindfulness group. I offer online and phone sessions as well.

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