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Mindfulness eliminates stress and improves relationships.

Tara Brach, whose book Radical Acceptance, was one of the most pivotal and effective ever written on mindfulness, has recently released a series of videos that expand on her methodology and reasoning for why mindfulness is the key to a joyous life.

Brach says,

“Mindful awareness is what allows us to be attuned to ourselves and others….Mindfulness helps us to boost our capacity for empathy, for acceptance, for experiencing relatedness, and emotional resilience. When this circuitry [created mindfulness] is activated our relationships become increasingly healthy and more gratifying….

While we cannot control others we can shift how we are relating to our inner life.”

Mindfulness is that shift.

What can Mindfulness Do?

Mindfulness can change your mood, perspective, levels of intimacy, and hurt.

Daily meditation in the form of sitting and breathing, walking, or just doing your daily activities being mindful of the miracle of life within you helps you to stay in the moment where joy, gratitude and bliss reside.

Innovative Counseling Services offers a mindfulness group as well as training to individuals.

Every morning, Dr. Pollack uses this meditation training so she can live her own life with more joy and love, and offer you her absolute best.

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