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When passion touches you. Listen. It may come to you as a thought, a word, a visual, or a momentary experience of “life is good” or “I love this feeling and want more.” It may come as a stream of consciousness that seems to arrive as a “download” of truth. Pay attention.

I know that for me if I love something about the moment and being present takes being in the moment, undistracted) I can breathe in my surroundings, the person or persons I am with, what I am feeling deep inside, especially in my heart and gut area. As we learn to trust our feelings and not dismiss, rationalize, or minimize but listen more deeply to the message, we allow more and more joy and passion into our lives.

Trusting passion is not strongly valued or taught in our culture. We are taught at a young age to get good grades, be polite, get married, have children, look toward a profession/job, save money, be responsible, do whatever you need to do to be loved, respected, and successful. These are all very important although many times our passion for life gets put aside until one day we feel stuck or we realize we are on a path that is lifeless or lacks soulful expression.

Some movies that I love to watch and have watched over and over again are Shirley Valentine and Bread and Tulips, both stories of lost passion in life and finding joy again. The women in both movies spontaneously follow their passion not just for love, but for what speaks to their soul. They allow themselves to be present with their rebound joys in life that had been put aside for many years.

Passion is not just about romance, but love of yourself, your desires, and what makes you happy and connected to life in your work, daily lifestyle, relationships with others, and your environment as well as self care.

I work with people who are seeking and yearning for inner exploration for passion and purpose. Depth Life Coaching helps you find those passions and start living from your place of joy and peaceful contentment. I work with you, encouraging and supporting you as you aspire and live your life fully by recognizing lost passions and current joys that you can increase slowly and gradually each day. It is such a great path to take!