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You are not what happened to you but what you choose to become.” — Carl Jung 

The following quotes are concepts and ideas from Carl Jung that I use as a Life Coach in my practice.

– How we choose to feel and respond to life circumstances is a choice every moment that will determine the quality of your life. 

– Who will I be this moment going forward?

Depth or Jungian Coaching: How It Can Help You

This approach focuses less on pathology and diagnosing, and more on strength affirmation building, which is more positive and more focused on the present and future. The past is addressed as needed with the goal of acceptance, letting go, and moving on.  

“Carl Jung believed that psychological distress is a result of an imbalance within the individual that often is experienced as an alienation from the deeper personality, or what he calls the Self.”

Jungian psychotherapy seeks to restore the individual’s connection to the Self. This is encouraged with a relationship with your coach that is balanced. The coach listens and encourages deeper exploration through dream interpretation, energy techniques (such as TFT and EMDR) and expressive work through active imagination journaling and exploring archetypes. Your true self without the ego interference is what we are looking to explore as we move toward more purpose and contentment, and away from negative, addictive, self-sabotaging behaviors.

When I work with you using Depth Coaching, we work on personal empowerment. Here are some of the main points we talk through using this coaching method.

  • Do you know what you want? Not what you should want. Getting in touch with your emotions will help you know what comforts you and what doesn’t.
  • Look around for areas that may help you to bring what you desire.
  • Stop resisting your path to power. Why do you resist? Fear? What is under your resistance? Look at your shadow. This is the part of you that was put aside due to some type of trauma. You may be trying to protect this with resistance. Look at the deeper motivation.
  • Reintegrate lost parts. These are parts of us that got pushed aside at a young age.
  • Stop denying the worst parts of yourself. You will heal when you integrate your “worst parts.” Admit their existence and integrate the shadow.

Here are some themes we will explore during our Depth Coaching sessions.

  • Why do you feel _____ on a consistent basis? 
  • Examine your life and you. What feelings, behaviors, actions, and habits are running automatically?
  • Focus on the life that lights you up. Your authentic life. The Real you. When you know your own darkness, you can have empathy for other’s darkness. When we know better, we do better.

Passions and purpose change as life brings new challenges, new interests, and new circumstances. Exploring your strengths, resistances, and your deep desires can help you move onto your next path.

Click Here for a free Mini Welcome packet to begin your journey. I suggest you start with the Life Wheel to see what areas of life are most and least fulfilling for you.