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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that occurs seasonally, typically more noticeably in the fall and winter months then often disappears in spring.

According to Women’s Health, although SAD may differ from one person to another,  when the days become shorter and the light is less. People with SADS may feel sluggish, develop insomnia, increased desire for sugar and carb cravings with an increase in weight. Some people feel sluggish and just don’t feel motivated to get out and enjoy life as usual.

Here are some ideas to help reduce your SAD symptoms:

  •  A light box can be helpful to provide full Spectrum HD-LED Light  and it can be used daily. Follow the recommendations that come with your lightbox.
  •  Exercise is helpful even if it is the last thing you feel like doing. Just put a favorite exercise video on at home if you can’t make it out to the gym.
  • Add vitamin D to your regimen as it has been shown to decrease symptoms of SAD. Researchers have shown that a decrease in vitamin D is related to SAD.
  • Eat a healthy diet (refer to my blog on healthy food) and last and most important talk to someone.
  • Lastly and very important, talk to someone in person. Texting and Facebook can create more feelings of isolation. Talk to a friend or a therapist http://www.emdrcoach.com/with-winter-coming-try-therapy-in-your-home/. Cognitive Behavioral therapy can be very helpful to improve your outlook and your sense of motivation so your mood can lift as you await spring!