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Tell Your Story

One way to get through and move into the future is to place all of the good and the bad in a story with a person who will listen. That is the value of a good therapist or coach. Listening.

Your emotions, memories and hopes appear in your story about who and why you are and what you have concluded or been told who you are. Telling your story can be a pleasure as you explore your roots and your truth about yourself, not what others told you or you concluded as a child. Any story that comes to mind can be told. This can be told from the past or present. Your story can bring some order into your life and less confusion, unhappiness. Current emotions and struggles may dissolve or sort out . Your experiences are important to sort through so that you can open your heart to loving yourself and therefore others. Your heart will be moved by your story and your deeper emotions can emerge and be accepted and compassionately accepted without judgment.

How To Tell Your Story:

1. We will discuss your past and help you to own it so it doesn’t unconsciously effect your current and future life. We will work toward getting you unstuck.

2. Your story is one story embedded in another and we will dig away at the debris until you reach new insights. You get to know and accept yourself and have compassion for yourself.

Catch Yourself Where You Are Being Resistant In Your Story

3. We will talk about your present. We will talk about how you feel now and discuss what is going on in your life . We will discover your hopes and fears affecting you. Let’s begin the journey together.