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Tango From Chaos to Creativity: How Multiple Personalities Emerge and Move Toward Integration 

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This man’s haunting story of devastating abuse evolves through years of therapy with Pollack. Yet, as a work of creative nonfiction, the book shares the true life and healing of this man – his abuse, his words, and his poetry.

Throughout the pages, the author highlights Jacen’s poetic descriptions because they beautifully acknowledge his separate personalities and their communication and progression toward integration.

The book chronicles the patient’s childhood memories of abuse and his complex way of coping which helped him to survive his ongoing abuse. The dialogue and relationship that develops among the parts is a soulful and rewarding “dance.”

This book was written because Jacen’s story had to be told. His words and poetry deepen one’s understanding of the process of dissociation and offer hope to those who have suffered abuse.

Tango from Chaos to Creativity: How Multiple Personalities Emerge and Move Toward Integration is for anyone who has lost themselves and for the dancer in everyone who seeks truth, beauty, poetry, and connection. Furthermore, it is a story of hope – hope for everyone who has been hurt or abused.

The International Women’s Writing Guild also features Tango from Chaos to Creativity.

About the Author

Jean Rothwell Pollack is a psychologist, mediator, EMDR certified therapist, and life performance coach who has a private practice in Pennsylvania. She teaches Mind Body graduate psychology courses in Los Angeles, CA. Having studied in Buenos Aires, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Philadelphia, she has been a student of ballroom dance and tango for more than twenty years.

Reviews from Amazon.com:

***** (5 Stars) A Book of Vivid Insight, July 21, 2011 By Interested Party

This review is from: Tango from Chaos to Creativity (Paperback)

There are very few books on the subject of multiple personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorders) which do not sensationalize the subject. “Tango from Chaos to Creativity” is an authentic account of the life and trials of a person with this disorder. The reader comes to realize that elements of this disorder are manifested in everyone’s personality, it is just that a person with DID experiences ego states at a higher level of extreme and elevated degree of separation.

In simplest terms DID is the result of years of abuse usually beginning early in childhood when the personality is developing. The abused person is left to fend for them self. The mind does not allow room for the victim to be both the protected and the protector in one person. This is where the split occurs. It is a coping mechanism.

“Tango from Chaos to Creativity” is an excellent portrayal of the minds ability to cope with unimaginable ordeals of abuse. But more importantly, “Tango from Chaos to Creativity” offers hope to those who suffer with DID through the use of EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and other techniques.

Jacen, the subject of this story, describes in poetic detail how separated emotions and intellect are gently reintroduced to each other through the noninvasive use of EMDR. Both he and Dr. Pollack give an in-depth witness into the process of healing.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in multiple personality disorders, EMDR, or who just wants to simply understand the abilities of the human mind.

**** (4 Stars) A Lyrical Glimpse Inside, June 30, 2011 By BookAddict

This review is from: Tango from Chaos to Creativity (Paperback)

This is an excellent book. The journeys inside the patient’s mind and his past are given in detailed and poetic language, and are worth the price of the book alone. However, there is also some very good information about how the therapist worked with the patient using EMDR and “parts” (or “others”)therapy, and it is written clearly and is easy to understand.

***** (5 Stars) Tango, a wonderful book about survival and thriving, March 1, 2011 By Susan C. Baugh

This review is from: Tango from Chaos to Creativity (Paperback)

This is the amazing story of a man who comes to wholeness through work with his therapist. Dr. Pollack, his therapist, chronicles his journey from dissociative episodes and a feeling of separateness to a complete, whole personality. It is a moving, touching story of one man’s efforts to find the creativity in life and to live in that creativity. The book is enthralling and gives the reader an uplifting experience thorough his own and Dr. Pollack’s words.

I would have liked more detail about the therapies, hence only 4 stars, so I am hoping this author will give us another book. This one is well worth the read.