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This is the time to slow down, to listen to your heart and to listen to your soul. Recently, one of my clients who was overly stressed at work was overeating and not spending time with her family because she was so fatigued by the time she returned home. Since schools have closed, and she is not working, she is enjoying reading books that she didn’t have time to read, listening to opera, gardening, and spending time with her husband. These are all activities that can feed the soul. Yes, there are a lot of worries in life but this is the time for our world to reset to slow down and to realize what’s really important.

This a big change in our lives. Some easy simple ways to reduce anxiety and embrace the restrictions are:
1. Keep a routine which includes things you enjoy and maintain 8 hours of sleep.
2. Keep wiping surfaces.
3. Sit with your loved ones and engage at home.
4. Play music that lifts your spirit.
5. Read books you’ve not had time to read.
6. Keep your immune system strong with good nutrition. Order from a fresh farm market. Take vitamins and zinc lozenges.
7. If you work from home, make sure you have a clear space with a nice background and good ergonomics to prevent neck and back muscle pain.
8. Embrace movement and exercise with online classes or just dancing around the house.
9. If you are allowed outside, take a walk to enjoy nature and get sun, while keeping social distance.
10. Tell yourself and others, “You are doing the best you can.”
11. Do this quick heart meditation: https://youtu.be/237WCALmJXQ
 12. Take this time to work on improving your personal relationships.
I’m here if you want a shoulder to lean or cry on. You aren’t alone. Things are going to get better!