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Does your partner make excuses about going to couples counseling? Do you have communication problems but your partner is in denial? Are you frustrated or worried about the lack of intimacy in your relationship?

Many people feel uncomfortable coming into a therapist’s office and sharing their personal life with someone they perceive as a stranger. Recently my client’s husband agreed to participate in couples counseling via Skype, which resulted in a very helpful and productive session. Afterward he suggested that they have weekly sessions. The wife is pleased because her partner is engaged and both are feeling more hopeful about their marriage. Skype counseling worked for them.

Circumstances such as busy schedules, commuting, cold or inclement weather, no childcare or children who are at home ill are all reasons why counseling sessions via Skype could work for you. Agoraphobia or other fears also keep people from scheduling individual, couples, or family therapy.

Other candidates for online therapy are mentioned in a New York Times article about the ease and value of Skype sessions with your therapist. “Cognitive behavioral therapy, which can require homework rather than tunneling into the patient’s past, seems another candidate. Tech-savvy teenagers resistant to office visits might brighten at seeing a therapist through a computer monitor in their bedroom. Home court advantage.”

Skype sessions offer therapy in the comfort of your own home. They give the therapist a chance to interact with other family members as well. This offers a comprehensive view of family dynamics and interaction, which can be invaluable. Learn more at www.emdrcoach.com.

We offer a FREE 15 minute session to new clients. Contact Us to schedule it today. These sessions are only available via phone, email, text and Skype.