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How can we optimize agelessness and creativity in our normal daily lives with psychotherapy and life coaching?

We can use our consciousness and perception of free will to optimize our health and well being.

While teaching Mind Body Psychology at Ryokan College two years ago, I became excited about new information about how much control we have over our gene expression, which dictates agelessness, health, and creativity.

It is empowering to know that many of our daily activities of life such as waking, sleeping, dreaming, work, stress, play, and especially motherhood are all associated with patterns of gene expression — and we can change gene expression by altering our daily experiences and routines.

As most of us know, our thoughts, emotions, and behavior modulate gene expression in health and optimal performance as well as stress and illness.

This is exciting research that means that we can control how we age, how stress affects us, how much immunity and growth occurs, and how happy we are. How? One way is by following the natural rhythm that occurs in life instead of fighting it. This rhythm is referred to as “ultradian” rhythm.

Examples of Ultradian Rhythm

After ongoing stressors and traumatic occurrences in her life, a 45-year-old married woman with two children gained over 50 pounds during the past year. She was  busy caring for her home, children, their needs, and her partner’s needs. She was also influenced by the ongoing media expectations of how she is supposed to look, feel, and be. She was numb and unhappy. Her doctor prescribed an antidepressant. She felt like she had lost herself when she came into my office.

We assessed her needs and she adhered to the ultradian approach. This consisted of specific well-balanced six small meals of 200-300 calories spaced throughout the day, to coincide with a natural 90-120 minute ultradian hunger rhythm (Rossi&Nimmons, 1991). The natural ultradian healing response that accompanies the eating cycle can reduce psychosocial stress by lowering stress-related hormone, which regulate appetite and weight control.

This ultradian rhythm suggests that there are optimal times for rest, sleep, productivity, creativity, socializing, and reflective time. When she changed the rhythm she felt better, her weight stabilized, aging slowed down, and her insight and healing about past trauma occurred. By adhering to the change in sleep using wake rhythm, she was allowing an increase in immunity and cell growth, which enhance new neural networks that are created in the brain. She learned that new ways of thinking and approaching the world were within her control.

Major changes take time and commitment. I help people to recreate their lives using this ultradian rhythm model during life coaching sessions.

I start by helping you to identify your needs and then develop a life changing plan based on naturally occurring ultradian rhythm. You just have to bring your life into rhythm with it instead of resisting and fighting it. It is all well within your power.

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