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How To Live In The Present from philosophy of Albert Camus

1. Choose Life always

2. Savor each moment. Make the world a better place

3. Be yourself at all times, not who others tell us who we are, give the urge to fit in,  Take ownership of our individuality. Mindfulness vs social media. Do things that reflect who we are. Break norms

4.Live intensively, live to the point of tears

life is worth living even if it has no meaning. Create your own meaning and rebel against the world. Find great goals for yourself that makes you feel ecstatic.

Live like a rebel, fight against injustice. Freedom is the pursuit.

Never take for granted the freedom for granted. We can’t enjoy the free moment if we are not free.

Take yourself, values and morality with you.

5. Focus on practical things. Face sorrows and problems without worrying about the afterlife. Anchor in reality facing each moment as it is without superstitious disease. Always find practical solutions.

6. Accept unpredicatblty of life. Life has a way of undermining our plans,  We cannot be in full control. LEARN TO relax with uncomfortable events we undergo. Be more flexible. List what you can and control and that we cannot.  Focus on what you CAN control and put all efforts into that.

7. Find happiness in every phase of your life. Life will carry all of us toward death. As we age we become knowledgable and we need to savor every moment in life. Inner beauty and wisdom. New forms of enjoyment, our lessons and make use of them. 

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Every age comes with benefits. Living your life to the fullness by savoring each season of your life.