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Stay sexy and healthy before and after menopause. Sexy is about stepping into your power while connecting to pleasure. How you eat, move, think and supplement are important.

When I went through menopause I felt like I had to take a ‘mental pause’. It was  a time to reassess my past, present and future and make changes toward a more vibrant ,healthy lifestyle. I have helped thousand of people achieve life balance and wellness during my years as a nurse, psychologist, life coach and professor.

You may be busy so I have simplified the approach for you. I am bringing all recent research finding to you when you and I meet for our life coaching sessions. We will create your personalized plan to not only get you through this time but to make it a life changing time for you and a time to be even healthier and more vibrant going forward.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious and or depressed,  rebalancing your hormones may be easier than trying to manage imbalances while feeling out of sync. For example 40 plus women-women who feel ‘not enough’ at work, in bed and as a parent may just be feeling the effects of low cortisol or a  thyroid imbalance. It’s not you, it is your hormones that are affecting you and there are multiple ways of addressing this so that you can feel energized, healthy and strong which is what sexy is about.

Call or go to my calendar to make an appointment  for your personalized Life Balance /Wellness Plan. I look forward to working with you.