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EDITOR’S NOTE: This week’s blog post features, Barbara Christensen of Stand Out Christian Coaching. Her work specializes in psychology and mental health counseling for Christian’s to overcome their fears and challenges, change their focus, and discover/rediscover their purpose and passions in life.

ChangeFor changes to be lasting, you have to be ready.

Of course, you also need to acknowledge there is a problem you want to change. Then decide when you want to work toward changing your life. And it is best if you know what has kept you from this change previously.

First, you have to be fed up with life as it is: You have to have reason to be motivated; this along with support are critical for change. I’m sure you have been thinking about this a long time but you kept putting it off because you were not motivated, or things were not bad enough to require change.

You have to know who you are: If you don’t know what motivates you and you don’t know what your passions are you will be resistant to change. You need to look at yourself (not others, you cannot change them) and ask the hard questions: Why haven’t I made these changes before? What stops me? How have I made lasting changes in the past? What do I enjoy enough that I can successfully change my life?

You have to know where you are going: How can you get there if you do not know the destination, you may as well stay where you are. It is also critical that you have a map to get there; otherwise you may get lost and tired, and go back to where you were comfortable. When you have a map to a destination that is better than where you are, you can take the steps that will get you there!

The first two critical factors many people can get through. But you need to make sure you are considering your own desires. The last factor is difficult, and you may need support in making your destination specific and measurable so you can recognize when you arrive. And your support person cannot have an agenda of their own and needs to support without judgment. Happy Changes!

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