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EDITOR’S NOTE: In the ICS series showcasing life coaches from www.hireaprofessionallifecoach.com, this week’s feature is Paula Quinsee‘s blog post on Imago Therapy. Paula is a Life, Health, and Relationship Coach who is passionate about being a catalyst for change and touching people’s lives. You can find and follow her on www.ati2ud.com, FaceBook, and Twitter.

Is your relationship strong enough to survive an affair?

Every so often, I get a client that comes to me faced with the dilemma of how to deal with and/or pick up the pieces after an affair. I myself have been in this predicament many years ago, which resulted in my now chosen profession as a Life Coach. We went the counseling route and it was our counselor at the time that referred us to Imago Relationship Therapy. I was blown away at how powerful Imago was (and still is). It is why I incorporate it into my own counseling with couples in my practice.

Imago therapy allows you to:

• Take a long look at how your relationship has evolved
• Learn about what you have both co-created through your level of commitment, effort and contributions
• How to deal with high-alert emotions
• How to appreciate one another and communicate better
• How to deal with feelings of hurt and betrayal
• How to meet one another’s emotional needs and to trust

Going through the Imago process helps you understand how your upbringing has shaped a lot of your outlook on life and in your mind, and how your relationships are supposed to be.

Imago can change your life and empower you to create and live love in your relationships. It gives you tools to create safety and as a result to be vulnerable with your feelings and needs. You will be able to communicate more effectively, leaving you with a greater understanding of yourself and others through new eyes and a heart filled with compassion and empathy for each person’s individuality and uniqueness.

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