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Your Personalized Plan For More Vitality, Balance And Beauty In Your Life

Life is busy and life is short. Would you like a personalized life balance plan just for you and/or your loved ones?

Self care is very personal and so the plan for you is personal as well. We live lives that are unique with history, genetics, social and relationship differences, psychological histories and differences  as well as religious and or belief systems. I believe that you know yourself better than anyone and you have the answers. We can work together and create a personalized plan for you with your goals in mind. This plan will start with where you are. Will we focus on physical self care, psychological, emotional , spiritual social and.or career self care?  The ultimate goal is ease of life, health, balance, prosperity, enjoyment and healthy relationships.  With this plan we will navigate the barriers to reaching your goals together  and explore what got in the way of you finding your passion?  I will be your support as we move through this journey together.

Why Can I Help You? 

I can relate on so many levels to life situations as I have lived a life filled with many layers. Professionally I have been a nurse, psychologist, author, conflict mediator, EMDR and TFT certified,  professor of nursing, professor of health psychology and have a doctorate in integrative medicine as well as being a life coach for many years. I have also had many struggles through my life as many of us have.

I love encouraging  people  ask the deep questions about themselves.  This is where they find their passion, unconscious beliefs that may be impeding their happiness, and or their fulfillment, sense of happiness. Do you want to experience your best health and vitality at any age?  When you are living the life you love you feel better, look better, love better and enjoy life more. 

Why You Need A Self-Care Plan

A self-care plan is more or less an anchor that keeps you tethered to a healthy lifestyle, preventing you from spiraling into habits that may be detrimental to you. It serves to motivate and helps you keep track of your progress. It also serves as a safety net, to help you even when you’ve failed to adhere to the routines and activities outlined in the plan. In other words, the plan should make provisions for total failure.

For clarity purposes, below are the major reasons you need to create a self-care plan for yourself today:

  • You know yourself better than anyone else: There’s no denying that everyone has different aspects of their lives that they wish to improve. To some, it might be their physical health, while to others, it might be their emotional health. Whatever it is, you know best.  Only you can create a self-care plan that would accurately reflect and solve your needs. Another point to note is that in your darkest times, you are the only person who can tell for a fact what the problem is, hence you are the person in the best position to make plans that can help out in such times. I will help you.
  •  When you create a self-care plan for yourself, it also helps to narrow down your options to the best and most effective in each situation. For example, you might have decided that whenever you feel lonely, it would be best to call your mom, or you may have plans to reach out to your therapist whenever you start feeling depressed. Without a proper self-care plan, you might worry about who to reach out to when difficulties arise.
  • Having a self-care plan also helps you with accountability. I will help you stick to a course of action. Having an accountability partner is very helpful – and can be the difference between a successful self-care plan and continued unhappiness, lack of passion, vitality and or an unhealthy life.