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Corona virus has changed each of our lives in different ways. But it impacts all of us. We are more connected, but also more alone. Technology can bring us together emotionally as we reach out to loved ones, friends, and important people who we have not spoken with in a long time. 

With video platforms such as Zoom, there is hope for an increase in social interaction. Some of my clients were hesitant to try video sessions or phone sessions for their therapy/counseling sessions. They have been pleasantly surprised with the wonderful connection that we can have through a platform that offers confidentiality. I use doxy.me, which is HIPPA compliant so it offers another way to maintain your privacy.

I would encourage you to reach outside your comfort zone and accept that life is changing and will continue to change. This will include more video sessions versus in office sessions but you can enjoy the same benefits of therapy. You will also see the added enjoyment of the convenience and comfort of therapy sessions in your own home.

Health and healing to all

Dr. Jean Pollack