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Einstein once remarked that significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of the thinking which created them. Only by rising to a higher or deeper level can an ultimate solution to psychological problems be found.

Journaling and healing therapies such as EMDR meet the need for a deeper level of ultimate solution to psychological problems. You have to feel good and have energy to explore these options so I also recommend two simple integrative medicine techniques to prepare yourself for further exploration of ongoing conflicts or unresolved small or large traumas.

These two things are very simple: a regular sleep cycle with circadian rhythm and healthy nutrition, meaning eating organic, healthy food and substituting with necessary nutrients which together feed the brain with the nutrients needed to feel better and be healthier.

If we can balance circadian rhythm, we can balance many mental /physical health issues. According to Dr. Leslie Korn says, “Stress and well being can improve with balanced circadian rhythm. It is our 24 hour sleep wake cycle. Bipolar, depression, insomnia, stress, PTSD, and PMS all reflect disruption of this cycle.”

It’s important to recognize your natural rhythms so you can avoid stress and learn to maximize your performance and health. In Dr. Ernest Rossi’s book, The 20 Minute Break, he explains how to recognize your natural rhythms.

‘The basic idea is that every hour and a half or so you need to take a rest break. If you don’t, you may be well on your way to the Ultradian Stress Syndrome where you get tired and lose your mental focus, tend to make mistakes, get irritable, and have accidents. If you continue to ignore your need to take a break, you can experience more and more stress until you actually get sick.”

You may feel that these two things are too simple and too over-talked to be taken seriously but recent and ongoing research indicate that many illnesses are due to poor sleep habits and poor nutritional habits. These can be easily remedied.

You need the information, a personalized plan, and the decision to improve these two areas and you will see that you will feel better in a short period of time — and you will be ready for the deeper work. You can journal your progress, which is also therapeutic.

My psychological, life coaching, mediation, writing, and integrative medicine approach can help you along. I love working with people who embrace an integrative approach.

Let’s get started together and we can make a change slowly toward health and healing.