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NYC Simply Stylist Event

Dr. Pollack is pictured here at a Simply Stylist event in New York City.

Most cultures are appearance-based, but is there a strong link between how we feel about ourselves, how we live our lives, and our appearance?

In many ways, yes. How you perceive yourself comes from both an interior and exterior perception. The more you exercise, the better you feel. The healthier you eat, the more energy you have. The better you think you look, the more self-confidence you not only exude, but also inhabit. Think of the last time you were late to work and hurried through your morning routine. Did you feel both internally and externally frazzled? Or, the last time you were fully prepared for a meeting but still went to check your appearance one last time just for that extra boost of self-confidence. Not only did you feel assured, but you felt more put together emotionally and physically.

In fact, life coaching and psychology are known for being about the details of one’s mind, the interior, whereas appearance is a person’s outward reflection. How might working on both of these at once be of benefit to a healthier lifestyle?

Dr. Pollack’s concierge coaching is a way to answer your needs and have a “stylist” for your entire life. It offers:

• In-depth assessment and life-planning options
• A 60 minute in-person meeting weekly at Innovative Counseling Services offices or via video conference
• Priority access to Dr. Pollack
• Priority email, text, and telephone reply
• Extended hours and as needed support up to 4 hours per month

Dr. Jean Pollack is a life coach and psychologist with over 20 years of experience in private practice. Her current practice Innovative Counseling Services focuses on creative living from a mind-body and positive psychology approach. Sarah Pollack-Boyd, her daughter, has nine years of experience doing PR/Marketing in Los Angeles. Her Simply Stylist is a premiere event in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and New York City, sponsored by I am that Girl.

Concierge coaching combines a holistic, in-depth approach to crafting your inner and outer life to be the one you envision and always wanted to have. Learn more about concierge coaching at Innovative Counseling Services.

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