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Creativity as A Guide

When you pace yourself with creativity, activity, and rest throughout the day, you will not be resisting the body’s natural rhythm and you will feel less stressed. I teach  Mind Body Psychology and use it with my clients in therapy and during our Life Coaching Sessions.

According to the Psychobiology of Gene Expression by Ernest Rossi, “there is an individualized natural pacing of rhythm or creativity and rest throughout the day. If you learn to ‘catch the wave’  of the natural rhythms that occur, you will discover many hidden connections between your daily rhythm (circadian) and your ultradian (occurring many times throughout the day) rhythm and your level of stress and health.”

How will this help you? It will help you to increase your energy levels, mood, decrease your stress level, reduce addictions, and will positively effect  your sexuality and relationships. You will learn to work with your natural rhythm, instead of working against your natural rhythm.

For example, from midnight to 2 a.m. is the time when deep sleep and the stimulation of growth hormones occur.

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