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To change ones life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly.
—William James

One of the most elusive elements of a healthy and creative life is inspiration. How to find yours? Where to look? Or once found, how to keep it?

Some people think they are suddenly inspired. Usually, inspiration is a lifelong process—one we can direct and build on. The New Year is the perfect time to focus on how to create and sustain an inspired life.

Dr. Pollack views inspiration as a key ingredient to balanced living. Her approach to supporting her therapy or life coaching clients in finding and maintaining their inspiration stems from an integrative approach.

“I am very good at helping others activate their inspiration using imagery by asking them to remember what they loved to do as a child and what about it was so enjoyable.”

By starting with this early premise, Dr. Pollack says, “I suggest they focus on the present and ask the same question. We break down their enjoyment into parts. Many times people enjoyed the feeling of belonging, freedom, bliss or being alive when involved in certain activities.”

What kind of activities vary from person to person but some of the most popular described are: feeling free, exploration, movement, and happiness.

After establishing what inspired you early on in life, Dr. Pollack says the next step is to, “Move from there by adding that feeling into present life and imaging it in your future.”

The feeling state from activities in the past are brought into the present and allowed to resonate within, helping you to become familiar with the feeling you want more of.

Overall, Dr. Pollack says, “This process seems to stimulate the mind and/or emotions to a high level of feeling or movement toward more enjoyment.”

There are also daily ways to find and maintain inspiration. Reading favorite quotes or stories of people who overcome incredible odds. Stretching your comfort zone. Life coaching and therapy can also help you focus on simple methods to find, build, and sustain your inspiration.

ICS recently spoke with public relations guru and nonprofit leader Elissa Kravetz who found her inspiration a few years ago. What’s her advice to harness and keep inspiration?

“We all walk around with 2 voices—all of us, all the time,” says Elissa. “Some call it ego vs. soul, head vs. heart, etc. Our heart will NEVER lead us astray. Our heart wants us to love and spread kindness and is brave. When you are fearful of something, this is your head. You should always run into your fear. If you are afraid of talking in front of people—do it! There is always a beautiful yummy pot of gold and happiness on the other side of fear.”

Dr. Pollack agrees and invites you to follow her on Facebook or LinkedIn where she will launch inspirational quotes and guidance throughout all of January.

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