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‘You are not what happened to you but what you choose to become’ Carl Jung

How we choose to feel and respond to life circumstances is a choice every moment and will determine the quality of your life.

Who will I be this moment forward?
Here are some themes we will explore during our depth coaching sessions.

Why do you feel _______ on a consistent basis?

Examine your life. What feelings, behaviors, actions and habits that seem to be running automatically?

What can you bring forward into the present moment and change your habits consciously, reprogram your actions, responses, feelings into your new program. With repetition you can reprogram into a new habit and control your reactions and outcomes. Kindle a light in the darkness of being.Lightness and darkness are taken with patience and equanimity. A happy life is a life with meaning.

You don’t need things to have meaning. Meaning makes for a rich life without fear, let go of the past because there is a brighter future to look forward to. Develop a life of meaning and purpose and accept every challenge that comes your way. Whatever happens is not reality but your interpretation of reality.

Catch yourself when you are judging yourself or others. Take ownership of your judging. How and who do you judge? Never judge where there are no facts. Accept when we don’t know and expect the best.

We choose how we see things. Make it your intention. Look into your own heart and awaken. Trust your intuition and live life on your terms. Focus on the life that lights you up. Your authentic life is being in touch with your heart, the real you.  When you know your own darkness, you can have empathy for other’s darkness. When we know better, we do better.

According to Carl Jung. No one was born evil, ‘What irritates you about others can teach you important things about yourself.

How can I bring more love and compassion?  You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. How we show up everyday is what is important. Less talk more action.

These concepts can help in your personal, work and business life. Life Coaching helps you to move through this process.