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Online coachingA July 2013 Forbes.com article shares that online therapies are just as effective as traditional therapies, and becoming more and more convenient.

Recent studies done by Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University have shown that online therapy works just as well as in person, and may bring better results.

In her own practice, Dr. Pollack has found that online life coaching and therapy simply works.

“Skype sessions and phone sessions are convenient when bad weather prevents driving to an appointment, or when the drive to and from the appointment can be avoided to save time. Skype and phones sessions are especially helpful for college students who are comfortable with the medium and many times need short frequent sessions rather than hour-long sessions. The college student and parents also have the comfort of having support of the same therapist or life coach even while they are away from home.”

Stigma about going to therapy remains. Many people refrain from therapy because they fear the negative connotation of needing or wanting mental health support. Life coaching does not carry that stigma.

Yet, many people need therapy or coaching. Mark Goldenson, the CEO of a platform called Breakthrough which supports the ease of life coaches and psychologists working together online says that, “26% of Americans have a diagnosable mental illness—depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, eating disorders. It’s the highest incidence in any modern country. Over half of people don’t get any treatment.”

Dr. Pollack agrees. She says that Skype sessions can allow patients to be in their home and remain in strict confidentiality so they can reach their goals. For students, those goals could be school stresses such as being away from home, relationship issues, or eating disorders. For adults, these could be marital problems, work and life stress. No matter your age, support can be accessed without leaving your comfort zone.

“I’ve found that the convenience and confidentiality makes it more accessible to busy mothers, college students, professionals and anyone who wants to improve their overall life while learning stress management techniques.”

The support and accountability of having your own therapist or life coach available to you by Skype and phone gives you an easy way to change your life.

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