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Fired from your job? Without help, many people who have been fired are negatively effected in their functioning at their current job and/or in their personal lives.

Many times, being fired results in feelings of humiliation, fear, and betrayal. Losing a job can leave you lacking confidence, anxious, and depressed if you don’t get help.

Cognitive reframing (which means learning to rethink your conclusions about yourself and focus on your successes rather than on your failures) is a very effective tool.
EMDR therapy is also very effective in lessening the emotional attachment to any ‘traumatic’ events in our life. It helps us learn how to deal with the ‘trauma’ and get rid of the anxiety and depression that may follow if you believe that it was your fault.

After practicing cognitive reframing you will eventually see a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression. For more information about depression, anxiety, cognitive reframing and/or EMDR therapy please visit my websites and set up a consultation @ www.emdrcoach.com or www.relationshiponlinecoaching.com for coaching and or counseling in person, by SKYPE or phone sessions.

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