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More and more people are going online to find love.

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I see a growing interest in people who want to find a relationship but need help in fine tuning their wants, needs and desires so they can clearly create a true profile that attracts the qualities or interests that they value.

As a psychologist I can very quickly assess and formulate a profile for the person. According to a Valenti International, “When a licensed psychologist—not a layperson—assesses clients, matches are rooted in a thorough understanding of the individual from biological predisposition, to developmental history, to the socioeconomic and cultural context of that person’s life.”

Whether sharing your life with a partner or just having fun with new people, I can help you forge new, enjoyable, and compatible relationships in your personal life. The process of creating your online dating profile can feel intimidating but by working together we can choose words and descriptions to truly reflect who you are, but more importantly attract the kind of partner you want. Through relationship coaching, you will learn who you want to share time as well as the best approach for you.

Online dating expert Laura Davis suggests niche dating for some people. She says, “Relationships are complicated enough. On niche sites, you always start on common ground with one another, so you can focus on a connection point and go from there.”

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