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No pep, drive, or energy and wondering where it went?

Perhaps your soul feels untouched by life’s beauty and your excitement about things that used to bring feelings of pleasure is gone. Or, maybe life has lost its color, making everything seem black and white. Are you sometimes so overwhelmed by fatigue that you cry?

Adrenal fatigue makes you so exhausted and overwhelmed that you feel completely depleted of energy. If your fatigue is so intense that you feel tired within your soul, you may need to redefine your life.

According to Dr. Wilson, who wrote an easy-to-understand guide on stress and health called Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, adrenal fatigue is much more prominent within our society than most of us know or recognize.

According to Dr. Wilson, the symptoms are:

• Tired for no reason
• Trouble getting up in the morning
• Needing coffee, colas, energy drinks, sodas, salty, or sweet snacks to keep going
• Feeling run down and stressed

If adrenal fatigue continues, the adrenal glands are not able to handle stress — from lack of sleep, poor nutrition, substance abuse, chronic illness, repeated infections, or an ongoing low-level crisis lifestyle — so they become compensated and no longer function correctly to provide energy.

Any prolonged stressful situation where you feel trapped or helpless can cause your adrenal glands to overwork and give out. Many people work hard to deal with the stress of jobs, parenting, illness, caring for parents and loved ones, financial issues, and time management problems. Lifestyle change may be part of the answer to your fatigue.

Living a creative lifestyle is important to good health and it can also add to your ability to overcome adrenal fatigue. For example, creative lifestyle changes such as introducing more nourishing foods and supplements, exercise, and deep breathing would all be positive support for someone who needs to heal their adrenals.

In some cases, talking to a therapist about reducing your stress by reframing your life, increasing fun, and decreasing stressors to improve your sleep patterns without medications would be advantageous. According to Dr. Wilson, “with proper care most people experiencing adrenal fatigue can expect to feel good again.”

When you feel better, you enjoy the soulfulness of life. See Dr. Wilson’s book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome or check out Dr. Wilson’s Health Tips along with his Program for Adrenal Fatigue and Stress.

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