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Here’s a simple and gentle exercise to Fbring your awareness back to your body. This exercise is by Peter Levine and outlined in his book, In an Unspoken Voice.

In his words, take a gentle pulsating shower in the following way: At a comfortable temperature, expose your body to the pulsing water. Direct your awareness into the region in your body where the rhythmical stimulation is focused. Let your consciousness move to each part of your body.

Try to include each part of your body  and pay attention to the sensation in each area, even if it feels blank, numb, or uncomfortable. While you are doing this, say aloud, “This is my arm, head neck, etc., “I welcome you back.”

You can also do this exercise by gently tapping some parts of your body with fingertips. When done over time, this exercise will re-establish awareness of your body boundary through awakening skin sensations.

As body awareness arises you may want to work through the images, thoughts, memories, and feelings that arise with a therapist to help you process your large or small traumas.