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Books and audio have been part of the therapeutic process for many years. Video therapy, also called movie therapy, is a type of therapy where you discuss films as part of your therapy. In your session, you are asked to mention movies that have had an impact on you or that you found meaningful.

I also ask questions to guide you in choosing films that resonate with you. What characters do you like? What movies does your family enjoy together? Or is there a message in a movie that you would like to get across to others in your family?

How Does Movie Therapy Work?
The themes of the films that we choose relate to identified issues you are struggling with or need to learn more about in order to strengthen your life. These can range from communication, relationship betrayal, grief, and parenting to more specific issues such as autism, finding your identity, and substance abuse.

Movie therapy is another way to process feelings, emotions, pain and/or transitional stressors. Overall, it helps clients to facilitate understanding or to facilitate problem solving by allowing distance, which can create perspective shifts and significant healing.

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