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Innovative Counseling and Coaching Services is located in Palm Beach County – Florida, and currently serving clients via phone or video sessions throughout the USA.

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We blend modern medicine with a time-honored perspective of mind-body-spirit wholeness, traditional healing, and complementary alternative modalities. This offers you a comprehensive personalized approach to your particular problem.

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Dr. Pollack applies complementary integrative therapy approaches and techniques, including TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and powerful EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) as well as Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry techniques.

Dr. Jean Pollack provides professional relationship and wellness/creative life coaching services with Tele-Sessions or Phone Sessions all around the country and the world.

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If you’re looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life try our integrative approach. Online video or telephone sessions are available for clients nationwide.

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We blend modern medicine, traditional healing, and complementary alternative modalities.


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Follow Your Bliss With Depth Life Coaching

Depth life coaching focuses on helping you to find your enthusiasm, your bliss, and to learn to trust and move with it so that you feel alive, purposeful, happy and content. This contentment will be found in your daily activities, who you are surrounding yourself with, how you care for yourself, your health, your finances, your environment and your self growth. These areas of life will come into balance when you ask the deeper questions and learn to trust your purpose and your bliss.


My husband, daughter and I are in family counseling with Jean and she is not only helping us to improve our family dynamics, but is also assisting with marital issues between my husband and me. It amazes me how she has found a connection with us all, and is helping us to see things through different eyes in her caring, insightful, and non judgmental way. I am so thankful that we found Jean, not only for all the ways in which she is helping our family and our marriage, but also, so that our daughter feels she has such a positive and empathetic listener and advisor who can help her sort things out during these transitional years of her life.

Peter F.

Jean is not your typical Therapist, not text book. After going through about 8-10 therapist, she is the only one I feel truly comfortable with. She does not judge, condemn, or make you feel less worthy of your self. She listens, and opens your eyes and heart to see things in a different light. Thank you Jean for helping us and continuing to do so!


Working with Jean online with V See (A video chat session) allowed my wife and I to feel comfortable opening up in the privacy of our home. Our schedules are so hectic, but meeting with Jean via V See allowed us to make the time we needed to improve our marriage. We highly recommend Jean.


Dear Dr. Jean, thank you ever so much for your helpful insights.  You gently nudged, encouraged & guided me in ways that have helped me to gain a greater understanding of this transitional period in my life when all I was seeing or feeling was a dead end.  You subtly showed me the open door to the future that I had blocked out in my longing for the past.  I now feel renewed due in large measure to your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

C.P. - Writer

Jean is a skilled and empathetic therapist. More, she understands the creative process, both as a professional and because she has experienced it herself. She has been a treasured support to me as an artist, fostering my artistic growth and helping me integrate it with my personal growth. Seeing Jean has enhanced my work and also made it more pleasurable and fulfilling.

S.F. Psychologist, Coach

Jean brings her own love of dance and movement to the focus of performance enhancement and demonstrates the same talent and intuitive skills for this specialization as she does in her work with therapy client.

E.M. (EMDR client who lost 140 lbs)

That was a deep, profound, spiritual experience. I haven’t stopped thinking about it all week. The revelations and self-realizations I am still exploring. Thank you for leading me through it. Thank you for not being judgmental. I felt completely supported and safe.

G.S., EMDRIA Consultant

Dr. Pollack is able to help other therapists improve their work especially in the area of dissociation and ego state work.

M.K., Health Educator (EMDR Coaching client)

EMDR releases you from the old memories that hold you back. It has nurtured my growth and understanding where all other attempts had failed.

K.S., Writer, Editor (Life Coaching client)

Jean, I wanted to write and say thank you so much. Twice now you have helped me see the world and feel the beauty in this life. Twice now you have inspired my true self’s strength. I appreciate this so much. Each day I rise knowing I am who I want to be. This is a gift. Thank you. You are magnificent.

V.K., Dancer (Performance Enhancement client)

Working with Jean has transformed my life and my dance.

T.S., Parenting Client

I am a new woman after my work with Jean. – J.K., Teacher (Life Purpose Coaching client). My children were out of control. Jean helped me and our family to make behavioral changes that truly changed our lives. We are more aware and loving in our relationships with each other.


Doctor Pollack has provided me a safe and gentle place to become aware and heal from multiple traumas. She is knowledgeable in EMDR, life coaching, management moving forward/coping skills and healthy parenting/family behavior changes. Her compassion and encouragement continue to help, continue to help, move me from ptsd to live a more managed happy, successful life, for my child and loved ones and self.

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